When I was starting my family, we were like so many others. With three young children, we had to watch our budget. I was a military wife, so as with most, our budget was very tight and car expenses were hard to avoid. We would occasionally splurge for a sitter and a movie.

Later in life, we watched our budget to allow us to support my husband’s hobby: race cars. He retired early so we could care for his Mother full time, and he spent nights and weekends in our garage working on our cars. Neighbors and friends were frequent visitors and often asked his advice about caring for their cars.

Single mothers needed to save maintenance costs, teenagers wanted to know their engines, friends never could buy the right wiper blades, neighbors needed to know how to swap out the overhead bulb. This influx still continues today.

We founded our family business, QuickTrick™ Alignment Simple Solutions, with one of my husband’s inventions so that racers (and now mechanics, families, companies, and municipalities) could check their tire alignment. That saves our customers the cost of unnecessary alignment services and even more costly tire replacement.

Our business grew, but I couldn’t forget those other young families and neighbors who stopped in for advice. They just needed the right information to maintain their cars without always relying on a mechanic.

That meant they could drive home safely after the third shift, feel good about their kids driving off to college, visit relatives hundreds of miles away. That information, that confidence, was their freedom.

I created Carmine for those families, for single moms, for teenagers, for everyone who wants to save money and time.

I created Carmine because I know that so many other families are like us: if they could save a few dollars, maybe they could get a sitter for a night at the movies.

−Tess Winningham
CEO | Founder

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