The slow leak in my left front tire was a nuisance that turned into a problem.

As I enjoy staying safely on the road, I took my car to the trusted local tire shop.

Given the overall tread wear, they advised that I buy new tires. They couldn’t service my car right away, so I decided to use the time to get smart about tires.

I googled, “tire replacement costs” and CNN confirmed, “A well-selected and maintained tire can contribute greatly to your safety, increased fuel economy, better handling and stopping in all road conditions as well as providing greater comfort and ride quality.”

Blast. Worst fears confirmed. But safety first and all. And fuel economy. And handling.

Next, I had to get smart about brands and pricing. CNN promised me savings from an online store.

I input my car’s details, and the online store returned the two different tire size options for my car. Was I driving on 18” or 20” wheels?

As further encouragement to tear out my hair, they noted that there might be other tire sizes too.

Frustrated, I moved on to a warehouse club website as I remembered that they are having a tire sale. They heaped on the confusion by presenting me with two size options: 265/60R18 OR 265/50R20.

The mind reels.

How did I help myself? Carmine!

Among all the custom detail vital to maintaining my car is Carmine’s tire information. Clear, concise, and accurate.

Carmine was immediately valuable! I noticed that the warehouse store presented the incorrect of the two options first. Those tires were also cheaper. In an attempt to save money, I could have easily ordered the wrong size tires for my car.

I called my local tire store and asked if they had my selected tires in stock. The mechanic asked for the tire size, and I read the information straight from my Carmine.

No hesitation, no doubt, just confidence. Easy peasy.

Without Carmine, it would have been too easy to make decisions from the wrong information.

With Carmine, I had information specific to my car. It was what I needed to consider the right options, feel confident with the mechanic, and choose the right tires.

Admittedly, I had other plans for today, and other plans for the money I spent on tires. Without the information found in my Carmine, my tire shopping adventure could have become far more time consuming, far more frustrating, and far more expensive.

Know-how. Safety. Savings.

That’s what’s in my Carmine.

Buy yours here.

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