Winter is coming. Whether you love the Winter or dread it, leaves and snow on the ground mean that you need to prepare your car.

Keeping your vehicle in good service is always worth the time, no matter what time of year, but especially during seasonal weather and possible Holiday travel times.

We have a tendency to spend big dollars on entertainment, communication devices, and clothing for seasonal weather, but we often neglect the vehicle that carries our most valuable assets from here to there. Each year there are more fatal car crashes that could be prevented with the right seasonal fluids, a brake check and an update on cooling and heating system fluids.

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) recommends a vehicle safety checklist for Winter driving. (Of course, Carmine’s full checklist is attached below.)

There are four important pieces of information which every driver should have:

1: Tire pressure drops with the temperature. Make sure each tire is filled with the manufacturers recommended pressure (Found in your owner’s manual or easy access in your Carmine with your tire pressure gauge) And, as always, make sure you check the pressure in your spare tire.

2: It takes more power to start in Winter. Make sure your battery is healthy and the cables are tightly connected to the terminals.

3: Make sure you fill the windshield fluid reservoir full with high quality fluids as recommended by the manufacturer (These can be found in your Carmine) and your wiper blades should be able to handle the heavy duty ice and snow.

4: Have a service tech check your cooling system and coolant. You can check your coolant yourself and ensure use of the proper coolant by checking your Carmine fluids card to confirm the correct type.

These are the basics of Winter prep. Here is Carmine’s full checklist: Winter Prep Checklist 2017

Next week we will look at the right items for your roadside assistance kit and how to avoid needing assistance to the best of your ability!

Team Carmine! #CarminetoGo! #KnowYourRoad #KnowYourRide.

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