Wet leaves are more slippery—and more dangerous—than driving over ice.

I learned this quite memorably as a teenager. I was driving a group of friends over a mountain road. It was a cold fall evening. It was raining. We were laughing.

Suddenly, as we came over a winding hill, we started sliding into the opposite lane, and oncoming traffic. A friend screamed, “WE’RE HYDROPLANING!” Everything switched into that sickening slow motion.

This novice driver somehow recovered control and spared us an accident. I never forgot those awful moments of shock and adrenaline and breathless relief.

So many other friends have told me similar stories: spinning into a 360° on a busy highway, skidding into the infamous Massachusetts rotaries, narrowly missing pedestrians while sliding on the ice.

The fact is that driving in fall and winter put different demands on both driver and car.

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has compiled comprehensive advice for both preparing your car, driving through snow and ice, and ensuring the safety of you and your passengers.

We at Carmine are committed to proactive car maintenance not just to save cost, but also to ensure a safe ride home.

You can review the NHTSA’s Winter Driving Tips by clicking here.

Please also consider Carmine as a necessary addition to ensuring that your car is well maintained year-round. You can purchase Carmine here.

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