For your car. For every car.

Carmine gives you all the information you need to take care of ongoing maintenance. Carmine is customized for your car’s year, make, and model so you buy the right supplies, and install them correctly. You’ll know which fluids to add and where, and more.

What To Buy

Including the right size wiper blades, interior and exterior bulbs, even the best coolant—it matters!

Where It Goes

A map of your engine bay tells you where to pour oil, coolant, windshield washer fluid.

By The Numbers

The vitals for your car: the right tire pressure (& for your spare), wheel alignment specs, etc.

Tools You Need

We’ve included a tire gauge and a Brookstone Auto Emergency Tool & Flashlight with windshield break.

How It's Done

Instructional videos guide you through standard maintenance steps for added confidence.

The Carmine Organizer

All your information is tucked in a compact folder that fits neatly in your glove compartment.

We named our car Betty.

Carmine knows Betty, so we know how to take care of her.

Watch our Betty video -->

We don’t just know cars. We know your car.

Sure, Carmine saves you money. Carmine also saves you time scheduling trips back and forth,
and waiting for your mechanic to finish service.

Know-how. Safety. Savings.

Carmine makes a great gift!
Every Carmine includes:
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All in one tool Light

Carmine for Every Car.

Carmine is customized for your car's year, make, and model.

Add’l Brookstone Auto Emergency Tool with ...

Be prepared for the unexpected!

Gift a Custom Carmine

Carmine is a thoughtful gift!

We offer multi-purchase discounts!

Custom Carmine

Carmine is for every car!

We offer multi-purchase discounts!

Team Carmine

Tess Winningham

CEO | Founder

I created Carmine for everyone who shares my love of an afternoon drive, not really headed anywhere. Knowing that you can rely on your car to get you safely home is so important. That is what Carmine does.

Marina Erulkar

Chief Data Officer

I love a long weekend drive up the coast of Maine. Sunroof open, Springsteen playing, & the long, long road ahead. Carmine ensures that I enjoy that ride because I have maintained my car responsibly.

Carmine. For your car. For every car.

Speaking of Carmine...

New car? Used car? Our customers know that Carmine is for every car!

Jo Coddington

Motorsports Spokeswoman

"Carmine is an absolute necessity for anyone who owns a vehicle. The design & simplicity of knowing you have answers about your vehicle & safety at your fingertips.
No more rustling in a 1000 page owner’s manual. Open Carmine and you have a complete rendering of the engine compartment with clear indicators of where all of the fluids go and everything you need to know.
Plus, safety with the Carmine Security light and tool with window assist breaking tool, as well as seatbelt and so many other functions at the tip of your may ask do I use my Carmine, do I suggest Carmine to friends, fans, family? Oh yes I completely believe in the adage 'keep informed and safe'...simpler terms 'Carmine is in all of mine and my family's vehicles'.
Show me your Carmine and I will show you an informed and safe driver."

Pam Oakes

Car Care Advocate

"My CarMine turn repair shop roulette into an empowering trip to the auto center."

"It's like having your own, personal service advisor riding along with you."

Candy Kitchen

Business Owner

"Being a single woman I take care of my vehicle myself, Carmine makes it easy. I am able to buy the right product and refill fluids with confidence. I highly recommend it to anyone."

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